Genevieve Ackerman: Vol nuptial (premiere), for violin and ondes Martenot
Serge Arcuri: Soliloque #1 (1991), #2 (1994), #3 (2017), for violin
Zosha Di Castri: Patina (2016), for violin
Tristan Murail: La conquête de l'Antarctique (1982), for ondes Martenot
Kaija Saariaho: Nocturne (1994), for violin
Claude Vivier: Prolifération (1968-69), for ondes Martenot, piano and percussion

Marianne Di Tomaso, violin
Aurore Dallamaggiore, ondes Martenot


Always eager to discover emerging talents with a thirst for creation, the ECM+Debuts series is proud to present two fearless young virtuosos: violinist Marianne Di Tomaso and ondist Aurore Dallamaggiore. The program will feature works by Serge Arcuri, Zosha Di Castri, Claude Vivier, Tristan Murail and Kaija Saariaho, as well as a creation by the stunning young composer Geneviève Ackerman.

TICKETS (Montreal)
Tickets will be available soon.
Information : 514 524-0173
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