Pieces by Silvio Palmieri:
Elia (2004) for ensemble (exerpt)
Poesiole Notturne (1997) for soprano and orchestra
Vers ce silence (1996) for orchestra
Prélude IV (L'ultimo agone) (création mondiale) for solo piano
Prélude XI : Elevazione (Disperate vibrazioni raschiano il silenzio) (2010) for solo piano

Louise Bessette, piano
Sarah Albu, soprano
Florence Bourget, mezzo
Dion Mazerolle, baryton

Véronique Lacroix, conductor and Artistic Direction
ECM+ and Ensemble Paramirabo, 15 musicians

Co-produced by the Ensemble contemporain de Montréal (ECM+), the Ensemble Paramirabo and the SMCQ’s MNM Festival.


Silvio Palmieri died before his time in 2018. He had for 25 years enjoyed a special relationship with the ECM+, which premiered a number of his works, including his sole opera, Elia, in 2004. His legacy includes an extensive body of brilliant works that were imbued with his profound love for the piano and the voice together with an innate sense of instrumental colour, the more powerful, the better! 

On the program, two piano Preludes– including a world premiere– but also Elia (excerpt, 2004), Poesiole Notturne (1996) and Vers ce silence (1995) performed by the ECM+, the Ensemble Paramirabo and pianist Louise Bessette, will reveal some of this composer’s mastery, from different angles and periods of his life.
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