L'Outre-rêve (2021)

ECM+: more than an ensemble...
A leading Canadian chamber orchestra, the Ensemble contemporain de Montréal (ECM+) has premiered more than 300 works since its founding in 1987, including three operas and a majority of works for large ensembles. As an extension of its commitment to musical creation, the ECM+ regularly integrates new works into major multidisciplinary musical events that have garnered critical acclaim: “...a high-art experience, rich in content, meticulously constructed, and sophisticated” (Wolfgang’s Tonic, 2015).
Its national Generation composition competition, which has showcased and recognized the brightest young stars of Canadian musical creation for 25 years, culminates every two years in a major tour of about ten concerts that launch the careers of four selected composers across the country.
Renowned for her flair and audacity, founding artistic director Véronique Lacroix communicates her passion through daring performances, painting “a portrait of an effervescent landscape in perpetual mutation.” (La Scena Musicale, 2018). In residence at the Conservatoire de Montréal since 1998, the ECM+ has released 11 CDs, two of which are dedicated to composer Ana Sokolovic, and its concerts are frequently broadcast on Radio-Canada.
The ECM+ regularly participates in international festivals, including Cervantino (Mexico), Montreal/New Music (MNM), the Ottawa Chamberfest and ISCM World New Music Days, and more recently in the Ars Musica festival in Belgium.


Hockey Noir, L'Opéra (2018)
Music and multidisciplinary research

ECM+ is in the vanguard of multi-disciplinary research and the mixing of diverse styles. ECM+, which is constantly developing new ways to revitalize the way music is traditionally presented in concert, often integrates different media in its productions to open up new horizons for contemporary composers and performers.

To experience all the astonishing dimensions of sound, don‘t miss the annual thematic concerts (presented since 1987).


Compositeurs Génération2018

Next Generation
At the heart of the contemporary music scene, ECM+ does crucial work to ensure the bedrock of the discipline: the screening of talent and the education of the next generation of composers and performers.
 To discover tomorrow's stars, see the Generation project and the musical events in the ECM+ debuts series.


Images de Sappho (2015)

Through its concert activities, ECM+ encourages and invites guest ensembles and young local performers to open themselves to new works. To hear our talented guest artists, come to the concerts in the series ECM+presents.




Dress rehearsal - Madame Merveille (2011)

Dress rehearsals for school audiences
Through educational material provided to teachers, in-class visits by the ECM+’s team before and after concerts, along with the performance itself, the ensemble offers participating students the chance to reflect on the work and the values involved in the production of these shows. Contemporary music demands virtuosity, commitment and a sense of innovation at all times. We believe that in presenting the results of such attitudes, this experience will encourage students to adopt or strengthen such comportments in their daily lives.

ECM+ believes education is fundamentally important and attends carefully to all young ears intrigued by music.
The series, ECM+ at school is presented as a co-production with Le Moulin à musique. ECM+ Artistic Director Véronique Lacroix act as musical director on these shows.

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